This Week in Political Intelligence

The Washington Post again on Friday brought its spotlight to political intelligence activity on the Hill.  This time the focus was on staff for Senators Rubio and Schumer and Reps. Castro.  According to this report,

In recent days, Enrique Gonzalez, an immigration lawyer who in January became Rubio’s immigration policy counsel, has answered questions about the bill over the phone with a financial analyst, according to the senator’s spokesman. Another staffer met last week with an analyst from the investment bank Barclays Capital, who quickly revised his assessment of the bill’s potential cost to a major outsourcing firm.

The news report included commentary from:

  • Erik Gerding, University of Colorado law school;
  • Richard Painter, chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush; and
  • Jonathan R. Macey, Yale Law School.

The report concludes with a note that Rep. Slaughter is exploring “legislative remedies”.


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